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Phase 1: Figuring Things Out

We accelerate projects with our unique workflow, driven by open-source and commercial software. We figure out the hard stuff so you don't have to.

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We produce effective tech talent who understand the relationship between business and technology. This talent drives every engagement, leading to better, faster results.

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Our experts have designed and built hundreds of web and mobile apps, award winning data warehouses, and industry recognized analytics systems. We also have extensive experience creating back office and business automation systems. We’re a flexible team, with background in high tech, finance, banking, healthcare, media and entertainment, manufacturing, retail, and venture capital/private equity.

At our core, Butler Logic is an R&D company. We keep up with the tech industry by contributing to open source, speaking at conferences, writing publications/books, participating in governing bodies and events which shape tech culture.

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Datahub™ is a data governance platform for Data Warehouse and BI systems. Monitor ETL processes, explore data lineage, manage report requests and track issues.



Momentum™ is an on-desktop development workflow system to rapidly build and release web apps, desktop apps, and data applications.

Solutions for the global tech community

NVM for Windows

The Node.js version manager recommended by companies like Google, Microsoft and NPM.

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Fenix Web Server

The developer's web server for desktops

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The online documentation platform where developers collaborate and learn from shared inline notes, bookmarks and comments.

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